India is a High-Content-Low-Cost-Economy, where the cost of living is extremely low as compared to any of the developing or developed nations. And NCR, Pune & Jaipur have 23 Universities & over 100 colleges providing high quality education. Today, India boosts of over 100 CEO’s managing the Fortune 500 Companies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chief_executive_officers)

How stable is the Indian Economy?

What is the cost of Dedicated Teams & how long does it take to onboard?

What is the Min. or Maximum Contract Duration?

How does the Monitoring takes place?

How & where do I pay?

As Principal employer, what liability do I have?

What is the best way to hire a candidate?

What is the termination Clause?

Once I ve decided on the mandate, what do I need to do next?