Our Role

We create an ECO-SYSTEM for the employee to feel & work as if it is your own office or branch, with similar level of customization. We only work as facilitator of infrastructure, getting right people on board, running payroll, ensure necessary support system.
As Dedicated Teams facilitator in India, we do not instruct, direct or take reports from the employees you hire and also do not interfere in how the work is carried out. We expect you to give all the instructions like you would do to your own employee in your own office or branch.

However, we provide the following support to the team:

Upfront & Transparent Compensation Benefit Program

We believe in keeping the cost structure clear & transparent. We only charge for the high quality office Infrastructure, hardware & software, administration, supervision, management controls, customer support services, technical support, running payroll, managing taxation & statutories.

Hardware & Software

All the employee hired by you are given the same set of computer system & software as used in your office in UK to ensure very document and detail shared are easily accessible and usable.


We have in-house world class Video-Conferencing facility to ensure regular flow of information and keeping the channels of communication always open.

Your Office In India

We strongly believe that for an employee to get a sense of belongingness, he must not only work for your company but also feel working in one of your office locations. We are successful in doing this by creating exactly the same working environment through a checklist of things we do for each of our client.

Statutory & Regulation

With an in-house team of MBA, CA, CS & ICWA, we completely take care of employee taxation, insurance, Social Security Contribution, gratuity & related issues closely with 100% compliance with each requirement from day one, month after month.

Professional Work Environment

The process in India is led by the CEO, who has over 20 years of working experience with world leading organizations and specializes in getting the process & systems right.

Not Just Attendance Management

We understand that you are not just looking for the attendance management and seat fillers. We manage your employee with best practices in line with your instructions. We ensure the center has our presence to implement any of your directions, resolve any problem, check and follow-up. This gives you peace of mind and us a sense of accomplishment.

IT Support

We have in-house support for the IT management & Maintenance to ensure you get 100% uptime. Teams work 24X7 a day so does our IT Support.

Customer Support

We put customer service first before we do any thing. We follow a strong culture of realtime feedback and keep improving ourselves in everything we do.

About Office Infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, we put in lot of effort and focus in ensuring your employee feels as if they are working in one of your office facility with same level of customization.

NDA, Non Compete & Non Solicitation

While ensuring sanctity of you business processes, we have the NDA, NC & NS signed from each of the stakeholder.

What Makes us different


For us, keeping Transparency foremost. We keep 100% transparency in salary, benefit structure our service charges and the overheads. It is about the ability of the receiver to have full access to the information he wants, not just the information the sender is willing to provide. Transparency embodies honesty and open communication. For us Transparency is being upfront and visible about the actions it takes, and whether those actions are consistent with its values.


We believe in providing bespoke service to each of our client and understand that no two requirement or two clients are the same. Unlike other service providers, selling virtuality, we sell real cost benefit, transparency in the salary payout, we encourage necessary negotiation before employee engagement, we have a flexible price for the services as we believe you could have Dedicated Teams for any work in any domain from graphic design, SEOPPC, law, accounts or software development. This simply means that there would be a variation in cost when hiring employees from different professional backgrounds. & with varying experience & professional qualification.


The principal of Cost Arbitrage that plays with various inputs of the business is valid in case of employees as well. We believe in Hiring in India at Indian Salaries. Our Cost divided in two parts as salary & infra & processing charges - inclusive of payroll processing, statutory management, infrastructure, office space, technical support, taxation management etc.

Dedicated Teams with us is same as opening your office in any High Content Low Cost Economy, while leveraging the benefits of low cost & high caliber professionals.

The Key factors that could encourage and promote the decision of hiring Dedicated Teams is as Under:-
  • Scalability: - The inherent advantage of our business model is to give your organization scalability to expand. While working with leading Technology companies in UK, we give them the kind of scalability they require with each project comes in. This works as path-breaking advantage for them to accelerate, leverage while keeping everything transparent.
  • Office Extension:- As we keep the salary structure transparent and clear, provide an ECO-SYSTEM to each of the employee, hence he feels motivated to be working for its employer and we for our client.
  • Right Candidate for Right Job:- Even before the employee starts working for you, we start in getting the most appropriate candidate to ensure you get the best deliverables. We believe " Nothing Succeeds Like Success".
  • Growth Acceleration:- All the organizations at some time of there business lifetime have the delivery gap, wherein the inflow of the business is more than it could deliver / perform. We come in as someone who can partner at the right time, provide necessary support and ensure the gap is filled.
  • Differentiators:- With us on your side, you can benefit the most from what the High Content Low Cost Economy has to offer while giving you the ability to Leverage & have complete transparency in the operations.